Top 10 Unique Makeup Products You Need in Your Collection

Everyone knows the basic makeup staples

Everyone knows the basic makeup staples: foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blush, etc. etc. But there are many other unique makeup products that can revolutionize your daily makeup routine that you might be missing out on simply because you’re unaware they even exist or remain blind to the transformative powers they hold. Read on to discover the top ten unique makeup products that can help you add some instant pizzazz to your ho-hum daily makeup routine.

Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright Pencil

Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright Pencil

This pencil eye brightener from Benefit Cosmetics can be a life-saver after a long night of working late, partying into the wee hours of the morning, or anything else that leaves your eyes looking dark and haggard by the time morning rolls around and you have to start your next day.

The Benefit Cosmetics pencil is a smooth, subtle pink formula that works well on any skin tone. It glides evenly and gently onto the delicate skin around your eyes to leave them looking alert with a bright and youthful glow. Plus, the pencil comes in a travel size that is easily transportable in a small purse or work bag for effortless reapplication throughout the day.

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